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Glittery cocktail dress

After talking for a few more minutes, Monica`s mother, father, and brother leave the playroom. Monica and Suzette start searching through your new wardrobe for something to try on you. Suzette pulls out a lovely light blue strapless cocktail dress. The dress is made of tulle and has lots of glittery beads sewn into the fabric.

"Let`s try this dress on her, Monica!" Suzette says. Monica examines the dress with a look of approval. "Let`s get out her makeup and jewelry and style her hair. She will be a prom queen!"

A tingle of excitement rushes through you at hearing the words "prom queen."

Monica uses the remote to command you to remove your miniskirt, blouse, bra, panties, and shoes. You are left standing there completely naked, but you don`t mind. You are rather excited to have your beautiful new female body exposed this way.

The two teenage girls slip the cocktail dress over your head. The tulle in the skirt of the dress caresses your smooth skin. Monica zips up the back of your dress, while Suzette adjusts the bodice.

After getting the dress on you, the girls brush your long blonde hair. They find a pair of silver dangly earrings to put on you. You receive a fresh coat of red glittery lipstick, blush, and eye shadow. Monica paints your fingernails a lovely red shade that matches the dress.

After the girls are done, they have you step over toward a full-length mirror. You are stunned at how beautiful you look. Monica uses the remote to make you do a twirl. You watch with delight as the skirt of your dress lifts up as you turn around in a circle like a graceful dancer.

"She is hot!" Suzette says about you admiringly. She walks up to you and plays with the tulle skirt of your dress.

"Yes!" Monica agrees. "Now we need to come up with a name for her. What do you think we should name her?"

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