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Joe leads you to the living room and points to a beige sofa. Sinking in to it, you put your head in your hands.

"You must be pretty confused," Joe sympathises.

"Pardon? Pretty confused? Do you know what's going on here, because I don't!" you screech at him.

"Look, you were made by your parents. You were observed ever since you were born on your home planet of faries, Pulo as a ruler. We changed you into a man and when you turned 25 in human years we decided you'd come back as Queen Farie. I'm um," he started to shuffle umcomfortably, "I'm your soon to be husband."

You stare open mouthed at this handsome man and start to remember...

The long walks in the royal farie gardens as children,the afternoon picnics as pre-teens, the star gazing at night as teenagers and the hard goodbye's as young adults.

"I... I remember," you breathe.

"I'm glad," he whispers, gently reaching out for your elegant fingers, "But we must hurry. The portal will close soon and this hideout isn't much to look at. Come!"

Joe starts to tug you towards the portal, and you start to fall.

Written by Pinktamashirocker

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