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Meeting the mistress

You follow the other maid and find yourself in a room full of identically dressed maids all on their knees, you join them in hopes of not being noticed. At the front of the room is a women in a long black rubber dress and gloves, with a severe blond ponytail down to her bum. She speaks to each maid in turn giving them their duties for the day and they trickle out with their new orders. Eventually she reaches you. "Ah, my newest maid for my ever expanding household. I can't control your movements forever, but I will have to change your outlook." With that she puts a hand to your forehead and you feel blank for a moment before remebering your name is Janet and that you would do anything this women in front of you orders. "Janet, I need you to clean hallway twenty three today" "Yes mistress" you reply.

Written by DarkHathor

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