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Can't resist.

You find you can't control yourself. Looking at your gorgeous female body in this sexy skimpy French Maid uniform, your long luscious legs leading to the frothy petticoats, your double-D cup breasts straining the bodice, your sexy ice queen makeup and frilly lace, you reach under your poofy petticoats, touching yourself, shivering from the delectable pleasure. It's unlike anything you've ever felt before. It's a fantasy you've always had, and now you're living it.

You feel your rock-hard nipples poke into the satiny material, and shudder. You look at your sexy reflection in the mirror as she pleasures herself before you. It's so hot you wonder what it would be like if there really were a second sexy maid right here in the room with you. Finally, you feel your female orgasm build, and go into a frenzy of shaking, bouncing, petticoats swishing and breasts bobbing before finally you cry out as pleasure overtakes your mind. You fall to your knees, then to the soft plush carpet, still shuddering and twitching with jolts of pleasure.

Written by Anon

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