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Pink- Beauty

The orb flashes pink and you feel strange all over, and suddenly it ends. You stumble backwards wondering what happened.

At first, nothing happens. But a sudden sharp pain causes you to bend over clutching your stomach, and another sends you to your knees. You feel a tight pain all over your body, as though you're wearing clothes that are just too small (even though you're currently naked#. Trembling all over, you watch as the already feminine shape of your body is slimmed down slightly. You feel another flash of sharp pain as an unknown force flings you back to your feet. You cringe as your face is molded- your eyes widen a bit, your cheeks and nose thin down very slightly, your lips puff out a bit and are pulled into a slight smile #despite you cringing from the pain#. Your eyes brighten, taking a light pink hue #you're not sure how you know this). A wave sweeps through your hair, turning it light pink. The rest of your body follows as your skin is lightened just a bit, taking on an attractive pale. Now it gets worse. The tight feeling intensifies as your waist is pinched in, feeling like a belt is being pulled much too tightly and much too quickly. This is followed by a sharp pain as your hips widen a bit, and you stagger at the sudden change. But the worst is yet to come. All of a sudden, the tight sensation intensifies in your breasts. You grit your teeth and groan as it feels like your breasts are being squeezed much too tightly. This feeling only intensifies as your breasts inflate, growing larger with each breath, while the tight squeezing intensifies. At last, you yelp as the squeezing and growing suddenly stop with a sharp pain. You fall to your hands and knees, panting and out of breath. Slowly, you stand, groaning. You notice that your voice is now much higher than before, but that's hardly a concern right now. You support your breasts gently in your hands- they're each now as almost as big as your head.

You step back from the altar fearfully. You feel strange, overwhelmed. Trying to think things through isn't getting you anywhere and is giving you a headache. Your mind feels dazed, and trying to think through the haze isn't helping. Strangely, when you stop trying to think about it, the headache clears and you feel...calm; pleased. You wonder what's happening to you and in a flash realize that you've become a ditz. The flash of fear at this realization passes quickly and you are set upon by a rather perky feeling. You shake your head, trying to focus, but you can't concentrate and only end up with a headache from trying to think too much.

Your eyes brighten and your smile widens as you gently support your large breasts in your hands. It feels pleasant, letting your mind wander is much easier and feels much nicer than trying to think too much. 'This feels nice,' you think, 'I feel...' you cringe, unable to shake the feeling, 'I feel...nice...pretty......I...' You shake your head, unable to control your emotions, 'I...I... I feel so nice, so pretty...' As your emotions get the best of you, you smile contently.

Written by Zeke

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