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Passion like a thousand suns

You slowly open your eyes and find that an old woman has woken you up with a bucket of water. You rub your eyes and mumble thanks. She says, "Why don't you come to my cottage with me? It's almost nighttime and my cottage is far away from all these soldiers." You quickly accept her offer and follow her to her cottage on the outskirts of town.

"Sorry, it's a bit small. I live alone," she says. You find the old lady very sexy in the light of her fireplace. You grab her by the shoulders and throw her into the bed. The sexual feeling is mutual; she starts to remove her dress, revealing her leathery, flappy breasts. You caress her breast-flaps and she moans in pleasure. You remove her underwear, and stick your now rock-hard penis into her vagina. You find it is too dry and crusty, therefore you start performing oral sex in her nether regions. She groans, and whimpers, whispering, "Why did I remain chaste all these years?" while you thrust your penis in her now lubricated vagina. After several minutes of vigorous thrusting, you shoot your load into her barren womb, and all over her face as well.

You then put your clothes on and leave, ready for whatever happens next.

Written by Sexyman

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