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Our sad lives.

You are confused why some women have developed a weapon for reversing genders. You ask that question. Harry explains, "We have abused women for the purpose of pleasure. Most got sick of it and wanted it to stop, and the others actually liked it. The ones who didn't later came across a meteorite that fell some few years ago. They opened it up and found many scrolls, some with a symbol of an owl flying in the direction of an arrow. Others with a mysterious blue police box, and very few of them with the word "Roblox".". "They read scroll after scroll, and found a paper with instructions to a lazer built to reverse genders. Most of them complained it was too much work or they might break a nail, but three evil women vowed to build it. Once they built it, they broadcasted on tv and declared they should be rulers. We declined. They are now using the weapon. They started in the hotel we all went to. If we dont do something about that, our gender will be erased from the silky galaxy.". You think they made a mistake of saying the name but you remember that you are in another universe. "We need you to help save us for we too have found a scroll that stated "there will be a savior that will come from another galaxy that will save manity." What do you say? Will you join us for the sake us manity?".

Written by pleasebitemewerecat

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