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Interfacing with your boss

You waddle to your boss's door. You knock. You hear 'Come on in!' in a cheerful voice.

'Glad he's happy. Maybe he won't be too shocked that a blimp is seeing him.'

You enter, getting stuck alittle bit in the door. You push yourself through and see your boss's chair's back against you.

'Have a seat -name-,' he cheerfully says.

You sit your massive bulk down on the tiny chair. You are shocked that it holds you up.

Before you can say anything, he turns around and starts talking about any general thing. He doesn't even seem like he sees a jumbo guy in briefs sitting here. He goes on and one about anything like the weather, and all you could do is sit there going 'Uh huh.'

Your boss is a medium built guy, around 6 ft and dressed in a suit. He might have looked alittle imposing before if your old build was next to him. Now he looks like a Smurf next to you.

After gets done talking about the wonders of Oregano, he sees your expression and asks: 'Is there a problem?'

'Uh yea,' you calmly start up. 'Its because I'm a FREAKING BLIMP!' You explain the whole situation with the elevator and your growth spurt.

'And the problem is....' he asks again.

'The problem is!' you start to yell, trying to be mad at this size. But, you can't. You actually like this size and the power. You are in front of your boss in briefs weighing 500lbs, and yet you feel proud and enjoy it.

'The problem is,' you continue, 'is that I didn't blimp up more.' You chuckle and so does he.

'Well, about that...'

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