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You're a girl but still you

By the time school lets out and you're headed home for the day, you've gotten over most of your original shock and panic. You've managed to convince yourself that although you're now a 14-year old girl named Rachel, you're still you in every way and any way that really still matters. And because you remain your old self mentally, you've decided to do whatever you can to make your life as Rachel as comfortable and non-stereotypically girly as possible. If you have to be a girl, you're going to at least be a tomboy.

Once you get back home, the first thing you do is look around your room. It's definitely the room of a teenage girl, but fortunately not too excessively girly. It's mainly the posters and the dull pink color scheme of the wallpaper, rug, and bed covers (the sheets are white, fortunately).

You start by taking down the posters and throwing them away. You either don't like or don't recognize any of it, so you decide it's best to get rid of it. You exchange the pink bed cover for a spare white one from your closet, but the walls and the rug you'll have to endure until you can change it. The wallpaper, at least, is a dull, washed-out pink, almost white, so you'll be able to handle it. Checking your closet, you find that you only have a couple pairs of girl's pants - it's mostly skirts and dresses of various lengths (all rather modest, and none shorter than knee-length); however, almost all of them are simple, single-colored without any extra designs, and only a few are truly girlishly pink. You sigh. There's nothing you can do about it now, so this'll have to do until you can add some more girl's pants to your wardrobe.

From there you step into your bathroom. Nothing too bad in here, except - you immediately grab all the cosmetics -the lipstick, the nail polish, and everything else you can find- and throw all of it in the trash. If you have to be a girl, there's no way you're going to let yourself be an appearance-obsessed ditz.

It's then that you notice that you have to piss, likely due to your nervousness. You hesitate for a second, wondering how to do this. But then, as though it were completely natural, you simply lower your skirt and panties, sit down, and go. It is only after you've finished that you realize what just happened. Even though you just became a girl this morning, it's like you'd been one all your life.

You realize that all the knowledge on how to be a girl has somehow been implanted directly into your subconscious, enabling you to handle your new female form as if you'd been a girl your entire life. The thought is highly disconcerting, but at the same time, your rational side makes you realize that it's better (and quicker and easier) to know subconsciously how to handle being a girl, rather than having to learn how to handle it.

Heading back into your room, you sit at your desk and let out a sigh. Although you seem to have been given instinctual knowledge of how to handle your female body, it isn't perfect, and the different feel of your female form is still noticeable. You're quite conscious of the new weight on your chest - your breasts aren't that big, merely an average size for your age; but still there, not just a weight on your chest but a part of your body with full sensation. You're also quite conscious of a lack of feeling between your legs - you're used to having male anatomy, so the sudden loss of all conscious and subconscious sensation in your crotch feels very strange. The weight and feeling in your breasts, and lack of feeling in your crotch, though strange and unfamiliar, are not truly uncomfortable (not really), just strange and unfamiliar.

Completely exhausted from everything that happened, you change into a simple white nightgown (reminding yourself that despite your female knowledge you're still you, still thinking like you) and collapse on your bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Written by The Nameless

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