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You realize that masturbation only makes you hornier and hornier. You can't even stop moving your hands at their current lightning speed now. You begin to release more and more cum as you grow even hornier. You fall down since your legs can no longer support you due to pleasure spasms and roll around in your own puddle of cum while you masturbate even faster. Your cum starts to gush out now, almost constantly now that you are so horny. You start using your other hand to fondle your breasts, and to rub in some of that cum on your body like a lotion. Your body begins to re-absorb it's own cum and starts increasing in size to accomodate that. The growth is slow, but your remaining clothing (shoes, bracelets, jewelry, socks, and a shirt you raised over your breasts) all begin to tear and burst at the seams. It would hurt, but you are feeling so much pleasure you can't even feel the pain. Now you are completely naked, with nothing clothing or accessory wise covering you. You grow until you're 5ft 11in, have GG breasts, and you have become even hornier and more sensitive. Then, you realized your body was full and more cum wouldn't help. That doesn't stop you from masturbating though.

You can't stop, even though you have become extremely hot and tired. Your fatigue isn't even effecting your still rising horniness, and the puddle of cum has spread to cover miles. You eventually collapse from exaustion, still masturbating to dreams of other women...

Written by My name

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