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A game of Diablo anyone?

You think for a moment, as the wizard begins his spell.

"Save him.", whispers the voice.

"Why? He tried to kill me, you,... us!!!", you say back to the voice.

"If you have him swear an oath of Loyality to you he will be bound by his word to you."

"How do I know he won't betray me?"

"Look at his hand. It has the mark of The Order of The Fated Guild they are magically bound to any oath they make at birth. If he swears an oath to you he cannot break it. Once that oath is sworn, he can never harm you.", explains the voice.

"Wait!", you say.

The wizard halts the spell and says, "What?"

"Don't kill him." you say.

"He just tried to kill you!!!"

"Yes, but he is a Knight of The Order of The Fated Guild. Doesn't that mean he's on our side???"

"Hmmm your right.", agrees the wizard.

You walk over to the warrior.

"Swear loyality to me and agree to travel with us.", you demand.

"I am your loyal servent my lady. I will bring no harm to you or may the magic that binds me pass judgement apon my soul.", he oaths.

"Travel with you? Do you have a thing for him?", asks the voice.

"How did you know of The Guild?", asks the wizard.

Written by Top Heavy

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