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You ate the Peanut Butter didn't you?

"You had some peanut butter didn't you?" Thrawn says.

You nodded. It didn't occur to you how he knew about the peanut butter. You checked your reflection on the mirror at the flank of your car, only to realize you've transformed into a Magical Oriental Iguana!

Or so you'd like to believe.

Your newfound beak hang open for a while as you took some time to recover from the shock. Not long as you regained awareness of the surroundings, you spun around to see Thrawn rummaging the heaps of trash in your backseat. Along with the fact that drool was rolling off your vest.

"This is the culprit," the Admiral murmured as he shook the jar in his hand.

"Interstellar Awesome Legume-based Spread for All Kinds of Interplanetary Beings (but Humans)." He read the label out loud.

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