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Compete in a beauty pageant

"I just came up with the most wonderful idea!" Christina shouts excitedly. She moves next to you and starts running her left hand through your frothy skirts. "The two of you should compete in a pageant!"

Upon hearing that, an overwhelming desire to pose pretty in front of a crowd comes over you. More of Christina`s magic, you think to yourself.

You look at Britney and see a look of mixed emotions on her face. Like you, she seems to be experiencing the same urge to show off her new look in front of an audience. The redness on her cheeks, though, indicates that she is feeling just as awkward about the idea as you are.

Christina smiles. "I know, dollies. You`re confused about your feelings. Don`t worry. I will take care of you."

"This is your idea of taking care of us?" Britney retorts, snapping out of her trance for a moment. "You force us to have these . . . feelings . . . . "

With a wave of Christina`s hand, Britney stops talking. The desire to be in a pageant grows stronger inside both you and Britney. There is no refusing Christina`s wishes now. You and Britney both run up to Christina and hug her warmly.

"I`m sorry," Britney says, sobbing. "It`s just . . . oh, forget it. This is wonderful. I FEEL wonderful! Thank you, Christina. I want to look sooooo pretty at the pageant!"

"Me, too! Me, too!" you chime in excitedly. "I want to be a pageant princess!" You start jumping up and down and clapping your hands. All of the jumping causes your petticoats to bounce up and down wildly. Christina smiles wider and seems slightly aroused as she catches glimpses of your cute little pink panties.

"I will need to do a little bit more with your hair and makeup," Christina says thoughtfully. "You`re not quite ready yet."

"When is the pageant?" you ask, having difficulty containing your magically induced excitement.

"When I say it is," Christina replies with a wink. "Now let me finish getting you two ready."

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