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A forest nymph

The glow quickly expands all around you. You flinch, but the woman smiles serenely. "Don't worry," she says. "Soon you won't have a care in the world..." Just as she finishes saying this, you see the glow seem to fade into your skin, and the changes begin.

Physically, there isn't much change. Your shoulder-length dark hair changes to pure golden color and spills down your back in thick golden locks down to your butt. Your already light skin seems to have absorbed the radiance from the glow, becoming even lighter but at the same time gaining a very slight golden sheen. You're not sure how you know it, but your eyes have become a forest green. Your already nice body is slightly sculpted, trimming down your waist and rounding out your hips and breasts ever so slightly. The rest of your body follows: your arms and legs are slimmed, your face is rounded; your entire body is reformed to be just slightly more feminine.

You've felt nothing throughout the process, but it isn't done yet. There is still a very slight glow around you (or maybe it's how your skin catches the light). Although you're not doing it, your lips are pulled into a slight smile, showing content or amusement. Your eyes, wide in shock, shift slightly to become a bright, happy expression. Until now, you've been standing in a nervous stance, legs apart, hands raised. Your legs pull together, your right legs holds straight while your left is bent slightly. Your left arm drops and your hand is placed lightly on your hip, while your right hand reaches for the corner of your mouth. Your head tilts ever so slightly as your finger grazes the edge of your smiling lips, and finally it is done.

You blink, but find your eyes cannot fall from the bright, happy expression. Similarly, you cannot drop the smile. You do drop the pose, but you are unable to pull back nervously, or even assume a nervous or defensive stance. You also notice that no longer does the air feel cold on your skin; despite still being completely naked, you feel warm and natural. "What...what did you do to me?" you ask. Your body fails to respond to your shock at the sound of your voice. It no longer sounds like a normal girl as before, and fails to carry any quality of nervousness or apprehension. Instead, it sounds...happy. You sound happy, and a little excited, your voice even carries a hint of amused laughter behind it.

The woman smiles. "You're a forest nymph, honey. A beautiful forest spirit."

You blink happily at her, your smile widening. Your left hand idly fingers your golden hair. "But why am I like this?" you ask. There isn't even a trace of curiosity in your voice. You just sound happy. Amused.

"Why are you happy?" she asks unnecessarily. You smile and nod happily. She smiles smoothly. "Oh, nymphs can't experience negative emotions, dear. Your body's a nymph so it can only be happy. You'll stop noticing it when your mind catches up and you're like that anyway."

She's right, you can feel it already. It feels good to be like this, nice and peaceful. You like being like this. You smile widely with a slight giggle, and then you turn and gracefully bound into the forest, humming a lighthearted tune with a giggle in your voice.

Written by Kastor

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