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Hands, er, paws off, buddy!

You look in shock at the male Kangaroo as he rubs and paws at places on your now-feminine 'roo body that are turning you on more than you have ever felt. "I must be in heat!" you think.

In a burst of fear at being bred by a male, you hop away a few paces while smacking at him with your paws. You try to say "go away!", but it comes out as a choked moaning sound.

Your ears flop in amazement as the male 'roo smirks and says in a rough, animal-like voice. "Whats the matter, hon.. Cant' speak yet? Dont' worry, you'll learn in time."

The 'roo takes advantage of your shock to hop closer and groom your back. "Still resisting? I wont hurt you and promise you'll be the head of my harem.. When I accidentally opened that portal to a furryverse in my quantum physics experiment, I ended up as a kangaroo with the power to turn any I touch into another 'roo. but it also alters you to the gender you should have been born as so you should be perfectly comfortable."

Questions run through your head as you try to make sense of it, meanwhile, you start to have feelings of desire for this 'roo as he speaks calmingly to you.Should you let him take you? Help him make the world into a 'roo's paradise? Say no and hop away as fast as possible?

In 2 seconds you make your decision and act!

Written by BOSS HOSS

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