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Romantic Notions

With a suddeness of what all had happened to you, the romantic notions about possibly becoming as it is to be then like of form and feelings, as an animal, hits hard.

Truely, your physical change causes a host of new sensations, some expected, and others never proposed any considered thought.

Four legged, furry, with a tail and the heightened sensations coming from gender tend to overwhelm the mind at the onset. It is the other differences to being animal rather than as is a human form that brings on feelings of concern and anxiety.

The greater enhanced ability of certian senses such as are hearing, smell, touch, enforce in the mind a blatant reality to being then as it is to "being then an animal."

Harsh is the arousing sensations as the fact of this transition from human to animal takes all of those cute romantic notions, and chucks them into the manurer pile. As from all you ever read about people transformed, whether by their choice or not, but once changed they find being animalistic as a new and higher form of freedom.

Suddenly the ideals of such nonsense comes with a harsh realization that with the loss of human form one is of body, mind, and sole self then considered by humans alike as this makes one into a piece of property. Situations to come with the living life as does some animals, being then forced to work and used then without any consideration of your feelings, needs, and or comfort.

Donkeys, Jackass or Jennet, it matters not, but if for any reason you might show a possible unwillingness at any time, the siad owner, farmer, or farm worker might then use a whip to stir the beastly body into doing as is is required. Pain and harsh treatment might well become a vivid part of the lifestyle it is for being then as an animal.

Passions and things of passionate delights can change quickly, whether male or female, males many times are gelded to assure a increased willingness to do as is required by their owner. Jennet females feeling the sense of passionate need have no choice as to whom the farmer or owner may chose for them to mate with and or bare the offspring from some brute of a stallion.

"Reality begins all again, and this time the choices are not made by the animal individual, but by the owner, master, and or some human being!"

Written by Kevin Rooste

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