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Sensetivity problems? or benefits?

The Sensitivity gets a little crazy from here. You fall into a hole about forty feet deep and five feet in diameter, somehow surviving the fall. The wind rushing past made your breasts tingly, and got your nipples very hard yet again. You realized that you never seem to get tired of your unrelenting horniness, and begin masturbating both vagina and breasts gratuitously. Eventually, you move both hands to your breasts and begin to fondle absurdly, making you orgasm so hard the hole begins to fill up with about one foot of cum. Then, you think of what having female cum all over you would be like, and begin slathering it all over yourself, of course forgetting your sensitive breasts. As you begin rubbing your tits, you get even more horny than ever before and monstrously assault your boobs. The orgasms result in about four more feet of the hole being filled, meaning you almost need to swim to keep your head up.

Then, you realize the only way out is to keep cumming until cum fills the hole up about forty feet so you can climb out on to safe land, forgetting your wishing powers yet again. You begin to masturbate purposefully now, and subconsciously wish your vagina was as sensitive as your breasts, and your clit as sensitive as your tits. After days of pleasuring yourself, the hole begins to overflow, but you keep going as you can't even see through the passion.

Eventually, you come to your senses and look about you, the grass about 100 yards around you is stained with your cum, and seems to be absorbing it. After a few minutes, the grass begins emitting a peculiar smell, and a sexy one at that. Your body begins absorbing the fumes and begins becoming even sexier and larger than before. You realize you need to get out before you succumb to these desires forever.

Written by The same person that typed the last few things you read

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