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Whoa, Nellie!

You nod your big horsey head yes, as a way of showing that you accept his proposal, and follow him over to a rather modern, but empty-looking barn. Hay is stacked in most of the stalls as you walk through the double doors.

In fact, the only other animals in here are at the opposite end of the barn, ten stalls down. One of them is another horse, and the other 3 are cows.

He leads you past all of the hay into a clean, empty stall next to the one occupied by the other horse, and shuts the gate. The stall is wide enough for you to comfortably turn around in, and at least twice as deep. The man walks behind you and sets down a bale of hay he was carrying, then turns back towards you.

"Okay, now I'm gonna have to check you out. If you do end up being wild, I'll need to file medical reports in order to keep ya."

This sounds rather unsettling to you, but it's too late to turn back now. The gate is bolted. He looks underneath you, then lifts your tail. "Well I'll be. You coulda told me you were a mare!" he says with a chuckle.

Holy crap! That stupid roo didn't just turn you into a horse, it turned you into a female! As if to rub this fact in, the farmer prods at your vagina. You let loose a loud whinny!

"I'll bet you like that, huh girl?" he says with a chuckle. In truth, you were asking him to stop, but the farmer must have misconstrued your complaint as pleasure! "Then I think you and your new neighbor should get along quite nicely!" he continued, patting you on the rump and then letting your tail down. As he walks out of the stall, he says "Maybe I'll introduce you to him later on tonight."

Your new face isn't particularly good at expressing horror, but if that farmer had looked back he would have understood perfectly your true feelings on the subject. Unfortunately, for you, he doesn't look back as he leaves the barn. Oh God. I'm a mare and he thinks I want to be mated! you realize in horror. I have to get out of here before he comes back!

Written by Roru

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