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The Grand Five

You awaken the next morning relaxed and comfortable. You realize that this was the most peaceful sleep you've had since you were transformed. For a brief moment you wonder why being female is so bad, before remembering that's just not who you are. The morning tranquility, however, is shattered by five new arrivals literally dropping in from the sky (that's how it looks anyway).

The first is dressed in a black sleeveless gi, with a red cape and black spiked wristbands. His eyes are a piercing yellow, and he spins a double-ended halberd menacingly.

The second appears to be an anthropomorphic wolf, wearing tattered black pants and a tattered, gray vest. He bares his teeth and claws menacingly, but almost...reluctantly?

The third is dressed in red, and has a red cloth tied around his head over his left eye. His visible eye glares at you with a wild, manic gleam. His right hand holds a sickle and his left holds a crossbow.

These first three are unfamiliar, but the last two are easily recognizable as - Petros and Akensa?! Sure enough, the alchemist and self-called "Wild One" are the final two members of the group.

"AKENSA!!" the wizard roars with unbridled fury. "How dare you! You betray us like this; you side with the Grand Five?!"

Akensa simply smirks evilly. "I was always with the Grand Five. When Kenji was killed, they needed a replacement, i.e. me. I tricked you and you fell for it completely."

You, however, are more concerned with Petros. Memories of your last meeting with him are dug up from where you buried them, and you draw back slightly before catching yourself. Your hand descends to rest on the hilt of your sword as you stare him down.

But before the fight can begin, a longsword falls from the sky and pierces into the ground between you and the group. You hear a confident, oddly familiar voice speak from nowhere: "Now now...five against one is hardly fair." And with that, another new arrival drops from the sky. This one, too, you recognize - as Drago! You notice that he now wears a gold-tan glove on his right hand, and more importantly, his right hand now carries a large, intricately carved, golden-hilted greatsword. A sword large enough to require two hands, and yet he wields it with one. He steps forward, and pulls the other sword - his old sword - out of the ground (in his left hand) and holds both blades in a battle-ready stance as he glances back at you. "A bit more even now, hm? Take whichever ones you want."

You unsheathe your sword, and simultaneously detach the sheath and hold it in your other hand as a second weapon. You take a battle stance as well, and stand opposite Petros and Akensa, glaring menacingly at the two. You have a score to settle with each of them, after all.

Drago seems content to allow you first choice, and moves to oppose the halberd-wielder and the one in red. His opponents glance at each other before raising their weapons. Meanwhile, the wizard and the wolfish one face off, staring each other down.

A wind blows across the field. Drago tenses for the battle, and you flick your head to clear your long hair out of your vision. And then - strike!

The fight erupts full-force in an instant. Drago catches the sickle and the halberd on his two blades, then immediately pushes his opponents back and attacks like mad, forcing the fight off to the side and out of your line of sight. The wizard catches the wolf-man's lunge on his repaired staff, but is overpowered and forced against the cliff. You immediately sidestep the double attack from Petros and Akensa, and swing the sheath around to strike Akensa over the head. Petros charges and swings, but you deflect his giant sword off the sheath and bring your own sword around at his side, but are caught by Akensa's axe. Taking advantage of your sword being caught in his axe, he swings, dragging you around and causing you to stumble back a few steps.

You charge forward and lock blades with Petros, and catching an axe strike from Akensa on the sheath. You smirk slightly, then lean back and kick Petros hard in the chest, forcing him back several steps. Simultaneously, you use the kick as leverage, kicking off of Petros' chest and jumping into the air. As you fall, you swing around your left hand and are not surprised when Akensa catches the sheath with his axe. You can only imagine what's going through his head as you bring the sword around with your right hand. The wound is nonfatal, but the strike is enough to knock him unconscious. You face off with Petros, but before you can strike, you hear a mighty roar, and look to the source to see Drago transform in an instant into a mighty golden dragon. He roars again, and your opponents all stare at his majestic form. Petros grabs Akensa's unconscious body and throws him over his shoulder. The halberd-wielder, the one in red, and the wolf-man all run off, away from the mighty dragon. As Petros follows them, he calls over his shoulder, "We'll meet again! Count on it!!"

Written by an anonymous author

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