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You get to the top of the stairs, and reach for the banister. You see your arm is clad in a long, white silk glove. It reaches up just above your elbow. Your other arm has also been covered in silk. Apparently just moving causes these changes to occur. You head down the stairs, hoping to get out of this house before anything else happens. Halfway down the stairs, your bathrobe falls off, and your midsection gets pulled tight as a white corset appears on your body, covering your naked breasts. You get to the bottom of the stairs and almost fall over as a pair of five inch white platform heels appear on your feet. You regain your balance, but just barely.

In front of you is the door. You try to run for it, but find running in platforms nearly impossible. Instead you seem to totter quickly, pinwheeling your arms for balance. Once you put your hand on the doorknob, something tickles your naked thigh. You freak and spin around, but no one is there. The tickling continues, and now is all around your legs. You look down to see a poofy white petticoat hanging around your hips. At first, it seems tame, but before your eyes it gains a lot of volume, sticking out from your body almost horizontally.

In desperation, you try the doorknob again, but your silken hands can't seem to make it turn. It slips from your grasp again and again. You turn and start for the other room, hoping there's a way to the back door nearby. You find yourself in the dining room. There is a large mirror along one wall that you catch a glimpse of yourself in. Your face is fully made up with lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara. Your eyes are bright blue, and at some point your hair became almost platinum blonde. You reach a gloved hand to your female face, feeling a strange chill run through you. Wearing these clothes make you feel... good. They make you feel soft, sensual, feminine...

You turn from your reflection, heading out of the dining room into a darkened hallway. Something happens to your clothes in that hallway, you feel a weight suddenly all around you. At the end of this back hallway is a door. You put your hand on it, and it does open. You step outside.

In the bright moonlight, you see you are wearing a frilly, poofy pink satin dress with short puff sleeves, and a plunging neckline showing off your impressive breasts. You feel your hair is tied up on the sides of your head, giving you pigtails. You look like a five year old with an adult body. You see an open gate nearby. You run for it, throw it open, and find yourself in the front yard again. You're free!

You run down the driveway, back out to the road. You feel so elated to be out of that insane place, you don't even care how ridiculous you look. Even though the petticoats are tickling you in a very stimulating way, and seeing your breasts doesn't do much to calm those feelings down, you keep walking. You finally stop to rest, sitting on a small patch of grass on the side of the road. With a sigh of relief, you pull your legs up to your chest and take a moment to rest.

Written by Anon

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