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A better ending

"I'm not like you, ghost," you say. "I don't want to kill you, and I don't want you to kill me."

The ghost stares at you.

You toss the gun aside and stare back at the ghost.

"I know that you want the money, but think about this. How could you possibly spend it," you say. "It's not that important. Why don't you try changing you views on how things should be?! I didn't see things different until you changed me into a joey. Now I can see that this life is better than my other. I never knew my mother. Now I can at least have one. Haven't you ever had someone you loved."

The ghost smiled and tells you about the love of his life, his daughter who had passed away before he did.

"All I wanted to do was give her everything that my parents never could give me," said the ghost.

"Well, if you continue killing, she'll never be proud of you," you say.

The ghosts' smile grew even larger. "You're right, little one."

Suddenly, a voice from a distance was heard. A light was shining in the sky, and from out of the light came a little girl. It was the ghost's daughter. The ghost walked to his daughter and held her in his arms and walked with her into the light. He turned back to you and said, "Thank you, boy."

You smile as he vanishes into the light. You untie Boomera and jump into her pouch. Together you both head out into the wild. You don't care if you ever change back again. You have finally found what you had been looking for, for a long time. A family!

Written by syncbros

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