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"Hey Emily, baby" sais the man. He has a gruff voice, strangely, you like it. He pulls over and tells you to move into the front seat next to him. You are so confused, you obediently clambour into the front.

When the man eventually sets off, he puts his arm around you. You are begining to enjoy it, so you lean backwards into the warm comfort of his strong arms.

"You were good last night, snogging on the sofa" said the man, "Do ya remember?"

"I remember!" you lie.

Wow! "This is easier than I thought" you think.

"We could do it again tonight!" he suggests.

"Maybe," you reply "I love you Kyle!"

Amazingly, you suddenly know everthing about him. His full name is Kyle Adam Callum Enright, he has a dog called Twinkle and he is 18 years, 4 months and 7 days.

You are now a sixteen year old who has just left school.

Written by Choc Bon Bon

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