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you think your making milk now...

"Why are they doing this to us?" you ask.

you look around and notice that most of the girls around you have vacant expressions on their faces. one of them actually gives a little moo.

you give up the hope for an answer, when one of the girls gives an answer. "well," she says, "you know that milk you used to get as a kid in those little cartons? well, it i turned out their are more kids then cows. so, about ten years ago, they put a serum in a few, that would make the kids who drank them find this sign. we all did."

"So now we just sit here forever?" you ask.

"no, not here, here you only make a gallon of milk every ten minutes. when your sent to the nest rooom, you'll be making a gallons every few seconds."

"where is the next room", you ask?

Written by mr anonymous

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