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The Backwards World

"?I ma erehW" you ask, then gasp at what just came out of your mouth. Tiffany giggles and says, "Oh yeah, things in this world are backwards to your world aren't they?" She giggles again and says, "If you wanna talk, you have to try to talk backwards." "?tahw yaS" you ask, then think for a moment. Stumbling over your words a bit, you manage to sputter out, "Where... am... I?" Tiffany answers, "Like I said, this is my room. I've got my dolls, my teddies, and my costumes. You wanna play with my costumes?" Well, one thing's for sure, you're already sick of this backwards talking thing, and you'd really like to go home. On the other hand, costumes might be fun. Thinking momentarily, you decide that getting home is more important. However, when you turn to tell Tiffany that you'd like to go home, you see that she's hit you with the worst possible little girl weapon: the puppydog eyes. It's clear she's had a lot of practice, because you feel like you just can't say no. "Fine," you say, "I will play costumes with you. But only for a little while." Tiffany squeals with delight. She grabs your hand and pulls you to her closet, where there's a large trunk in the middle of the floor. As Tiffany opens it up, you see that she has a great deal of costumes, mainly of animals. "Go ahead," she says, "Try one on!" There must be a costume for every animal you've ever seen in that trunk! Which one will you try on first?

Written by naM sdrawkcaB

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