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A Dark Tower for an Evil Sorceress

You wave your hand, and you and the wizard are swept out of the room in a vortex of dark energy. The vortex deposits you on a large, barren plain, shrouded by clouds and devoid of life. The perfect place to raise your fortress. You smile darkly and raise your arms to the sky. In response, a pillar of dark energy shoots out of the ground before you in the middle of the plain. The energy carries the rock and reshapes it, transforming it into pitch-black obsidian. The pillar of energy expands, carrying the stone with it, as it twists and spikes in various areas. You can feel the wizard tremble in fear behind you, and your grin widens. You like that fear; it feeds you. Once you have formed the stone into a shape that satisfies you, you send the power inside the stone itself, burning away the rock to form and shape the inside of your fortress. You carve out a throne room for yourself, dungeons underground, private quarters, and much, much more. Before, you would find it incomprehensible to carve an entire fortress alone with just magic, but now it is just a trifle. You don't even have to think or direct the power. You just picture what you want, and the magic burns it into the stone. Once the inside has been carved to perfection, you use the dark power to carry the black stone that previously filled that space and use it to add on to your dark tower. Buttresses, spires, a spiky wall, everything you want, the magic gives you.

Finally, you are satisfied, and lower your arms. You smile at your creation while the wizard trembles. The entire plain, formerly barren dirt, has been scorched to black obsidian. In the middle of the plain stands your foreboding palace, a single piece of pitch-black stone, and one with the black plains. A wall of tall spikes, over 20 feet high, encircles your fortress and prevents any from entering. The fortress itself is massive and extremely intimidating. It is a dark and evil-looking castle of twisted black stone, screaming "evil" even to its creator. A large tower in the middle is taller than the others; this is the part that contains your throne room and private quarters. Your full lips form a luscious smile as your eyes narrow. You are very pleased. You turn to the wizard, maintaining the half-seductive half-evil look and raise your right hand, a black spark dancing between your fingertips. "Well wizard?" you ask in a false-sweet tone.

The wizard stammers for a bit, and your grin widens. Finally, he seems to find his voice. "I-it is [gulp] very (uh)- im-impressive, Mistress," he chokes, and you drop the look for a grin of evil pleasure.

"I'm so glad you think so, wizard," you say, reveling in the sound of your (again) changed voice: strongly commanding, slightly rough, a bit seductive and incredibly evil all at once. "Because from now on, you're going to serve me." The wizard slumps at this, and you grin. "Let's see my tower, shall we?" you 'ask'. You wave your hand, and another dark vortex transports you and the wizard to your throne room.

Upon arriving, you have to catch yourself before you can let out a very un-evil-like gasp. It's even better than you imagined! The throne at the back of the room is pitch-black, with elaborate spikes as decoration on the back and a blood-red lining along the edges. An elaborate black bowl of fire sits on either side of the throne itself and the obsidian steps that lead up to the throne platform. Evil-looking obsidian statues stand at intervals along the wall, with four pathways leading away from the side walls, between the statues. You know that the two closest to the throne lead to your private chambers and to your dark sorceress laboratory, much eviler and superior to the wizard's lab where you were granted this perfect evil form. The other two lead to the wizard's chambers (you need to have instant access to your slave at all times) and to the rest of the fortress. The rest of your castle is just as perfect: dark, ominous, powerful, and beautifully evil. Everything is completely perfect. If you hadn't made it yourself you'd have no way of knowing the whole thing was one solid piece.

Once you are completely satisfied, you vortex back to the throne room, feeling a sadistic pleasure that the wizard doesn't seem fond of this mode of transportation. You stand in front of the throne and consider for a bit. The palace is perfect, but a few things are still a bit off. No matter, you'll just fix them.

First off, your outfit could use a little tweaking. A simple task; another swirl of dark energy causes the dress to turn pitch-black, and enchants it so it will always cling tightly to your body and accent your figure, no matter what position you're in, yet still remain as comfortable as if it were loose. You sit in the throne and assume a thinking pose, and are pleased to see the enchanted fabric slide into position, revealing your skin and causing the wizard to stare at you in fascination.

Next: servants and minions. An evil sorceress/empress needs servants and minions. "Oh, wizard..." you say tauntingly, "I need servants for my palace. Go and get them for me, and bring them back to the tower..."

The wizard bows his head. "Yes Mistress," he says sadly, and you send him out into the world through a vortex. You don't care how he gathers your servants; you're just going to enslave them anyway. Until he gets back, though...

Written by Kastor

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