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The first experiment

The women exit the building and go into a narrow allyway. You floow but not too close so they don't notice. You peek around the corner and see them talking to a bum. "How would you like to be our first subject?" "Subject?" the bum replies "What exactly are you going to do to me? "You'll see" one of the women says then she instructs another woman to use the mysterious device in her hand. A beam of red light shoots from it and you watch in amazement as the man becomes . . . a woman! She stands up and looks herself over and then clutches her head. She lets go, then very calmly approaches the others. "I would like you to join us and aid us in our plan to make all the guys who have persecuted women and used them as sex toys get their just desserts, what do you say?" "I accept.' the new female says "Those punks need to be put in their place!" "Excellent, then from now on you shall be known as Emily." "Yes mistress." Emily replies. You can't believe what your seeing, Emily is acting as though this were a normal thing. You quickly dash into the hotel trying not to think about the strange women or their device, but you plan on tracking them after you get a good night's sleep. You just hope they won't have more 'recruits' by then. You rent the room and drift off to sleep. The next morning you are watching the news and see the same four women on TV. 'Time to find out thier plans' you think to yourself. You hurry out the door and rush to the spot where you think you saw them. You find them agin and notice that there are now five of them! 'Oh great' you think 'How am I going to stop this?

Written by adventdestiny7

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