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The Next Morning

You dream strange dreams of lace, satin, and feminine figures. You dream of soft sensuality and smooth skin. You dream of the beautiful Mistress and her amazing body, but also of Britney, and the wonders you've both shared. But there's a fear, a haunting shadow in your mind as you struggle against your silky cage.

You wake up to an alarm in total darkness. The clock on the bedside table reads "9:00 AM". You find the alarm and manage to turn it off, flopping back over onto the bed. You roll over to find a shapely female form next to you. You smile, remembering last night, and reach over to hug Britney. You feel her luscious breasts and can't help but start kissing her bare back. She moans lightly in her sleep. After a moment, she rolls over, and gasps. It takes her a moment to remember where she is.

"Morning," you say, genuinely happy to see her naked breasts in the dim light.

"Morning?" she says. She looks at the clock, then looks at you. "Do you think Mistress Laurie is up yet?"

You frown, thinking about it a moment. "She probably set the alarm for us to get up first. To make her breakfast and things like that."

"This might be our only chance to escape," says Britney.

Written by Anon

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