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Finding the loop hole

"So," you ask Lago innocently, "how many wishes do I have?"

"Standard genie amount: Three. And standard genie rules, too, so no wishing for more wishes."

"Funny," you reply. "I thought a rabbit genie would have more. So I can't wish that I could wish for more?"

"No," said Lagos.

"Okay, then," you say. "Genie, my first wish is for every one of my friends and family that likes me to have three wishes each, which they can only use for my benefit."

For just a second, Lagos' face contorts into a terrible visage of fury. Then it resumes its cartoonish appearance. "Very well, it is done, my cunning master," he says. "Though in all my centuries of enslavement. I have never had to grant such a request, nor know of any other genie who has. I see you will use your other two wishes wisely. What is your next request?"

You smile. Getting the wishes from your friends will be easy.

You ponder your next wish.

Written by drillverine (edited by wanderer)

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