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Showing off your red dress

Valerie moves her head next to your right ear as the two of you approach the door of the restaurant. "Don`t address me as `mistress` while we are here," she says. "You may call me `Valerie.` I don`t want to draw too much attention. Understood?"

You nod obediently and reply, "Yes, Valerie."

Valerie enters the restaurant first with a confident walk, knowing she is in control. You follow behind her and do your best to look as if this is all perfectly normal to you. It feels odd enough to be wearing this revealing red dress out in public. Walking around with no underwear covering your bottom, though, is something else entirely.

A young blonde-haired waitress greets the two of you and escorts you to your table. A dark-haired waiter pulls chairs out from the table for you and Valerie, and the two of you take your seats. You are careful to adjust the skirt of your dress to keep the area between your legs covered!

The waitress glances at you admiringly. "Oh, that is such a pretty dress. Where did you get it?"

"It was made by a friend of mine who is a designer," Valerie answers for you.

"Really? Wow," the waitress coos.

"Would you stand up and show off your dress, Maria?" Valerie asks you, not sounding as commanding as she normally does.

You feel your face warm up with embarrassment. You don`t want to show yourself off and risk anyone getting a glimpse at your bare crotch.

The waitress sees the redness on your face and says, "It`s okay. You don`t have to . . . . "

"No, I will," you tell her. You push your chair out and start to stand up.

Written by an anonymous author

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