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Regressing back to the Beginning

You know you shouldn't. Yet you can't help yourself. It's as though the sign is exerting some magnetic force on you, drawing you to it. You are helpless to stop yourself as you again reach out and touch the sign.

Again the years melt away. Somehow, it feels wonderful to be de-aging like this, as though you are being freed of a weight you never knew you carried, and yet warm and soft at the same time. You are 9 years old ... 8 ... 7 ... At this point you try to pull away, fearing the consequences of going too far. Yet you find that you cannot! It's like your hand has become stuck to the sign. You are helpless as the years continue to vanish...




You are no longer happy and giddy. You're scared. Scared about what will happen to you should this continue. And yet the de-aging process continues even more.




Yet it doesn't stop there. Even at the one-year mark, your age is still decreasing fast. Things start going hazy, and your head starts to hurt. You squeeze your eyes shut and start to whimper as the world around you starts to get more and more cramped. All this is just too much for you to take, and you black out.

Written by madness

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