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Meet the Queen of Hearts

"I`d rather stand, thank you," you tell the woman in the poufy black dress.

"SIT!!!" the woman shouts angrily. You gasp and start to lose your balance on your platform shoes. You do manage, however, to grab one of the chairs at the table for support before falling over in a flurry of frilliness. After regaining your composure and obediently taking a seat at the table, the woman continues talking.

"I`m the Queen of Hearts," the woman explains and does a little curtsey. She gestures at some small red sequined hearts sewn on her skirt.

"I`m, uh, well," you start to say, not sure what name to give. "I guess you can call me Alice right now."

"Well, Alice, you`ll be joining me for dinner with some of the finest citizens of Wonderland," the Queen says.

Tired of this whole Wonderland business, you decide to tell the Queen what happened to you. "Um, your Majesty? Should I address you as `your Majesty?`"

"Yes, `your Majesty` is fine," the Queen confirms. "What is it?"

"I`m not actually supposed to be here," you try to explain.

"What do you mean?" the Queen asks, frowning.

You gesture at your blue Alice dress, stockings, and black shoes. "I put this costume on, and I got sucked into this . . . Wonderland . . . place. The costume somehow turned me into Alice. I`m not even really a girl. I`m actually a man who`s been affected by a magic spell. I just want to go back where I came from."

The Queen stares at you for a long moment. You gulp and think of some possible ways she might respond. None of the ways you think of are good ones.

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