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The Path of Split Destiny

Before you can do anything, a blinding flash obscures your vision. When it dies down, you see that the attacker seems to be frozen in place by a white aura. Confused, you glance around, and see a strange man standing in the doorway. He is tall and thin, and his dark hair is short and smooth, except for two curved spikes above his piercing yellow eyes. He wears a white shirt with a dark stripe running up the middle and across his shoulders down his arms, and white gi pants, tucked into his dark boots. On his back rests a tan cape that reaches his ankles. When he sees you, he grins. "Ah, so this is the Chosen One," he says in a hard yet smooth voice. "At long last, the searching comes to an end."

Falcon snarls and charges at the newcomer, sword drawn, but the stranger simply points at him, and suddenly Falcon is lifted helplessly into the air, held in place by a white aura. Hephast raises his staff to cast a spell, but the strange man simply uses another aura to pull the staff away and pin it to the ceiling, then proceeds to lift Hephast as well. Then, as if to ensure that you won't make a move to attack or escape, he freezes you in place as well.

"What do you want?!" you snap, both angered and impressed by this man's power.

The stranger simply chuckles. "My dear, it's not about what I want, it's about what you want, or to be more precise, what choices you will make regarding your fate." He walks up to you and places a hand on your forehead. A bright flash once again obscures your vision, and you hear the stranger laughing.

When your vision clears, you find yourself standing on a stone path in the middle of a black void. Towards one end of the path is a bright light, and towards the other end is a red fog. "What...what is this? Where am I?" you ask aloud.

The stranger's voice rings out in the blackness. "This is the Path of Split Destiny. On one end rests the Light of Truth. Head towards it, and the truth will be revealed, and you will be granted knowledge and power. Everything has its price, however, and should you choose the Light of Truth, the Light itself will choose your allegiance. On the other end rests the Fog of Fate. Should you choose this, your own Fate will be fulfilled, and all will be as is slated to occur. Yet should you choose the Fog of Fate, you will never see the Truth, and you shall not know beyond your own Destiny. Come now, young one, and make your choice."

Written by an anonymous author

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