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Holy Crap! I'm a...

You wake up the next morning in distress. You are stiff. You get up out of bed and stretch... when you notice that something about you is different. You look in the mirror and see something very strange. Your hair is no longer blonde, it is brown. Your face isa more petite, more delicate. your body has taken on a thin, hourglass figure. Your nails, hair, and eyelashes are longer. You are wearing a white, frilly nightgown and you have no muscles. Where there should be a lump in your pubic area, there is a hole. Something around your chest feels tight. You notice that your chest is larger than before. You have boobs. When you try to talk, you find that you hear a high, soprano voice. Staring back at you in the mirror...is Padm'e. You now realize that you are Padm'e. That means that you are ruler of Naboo. You hate politics, but Padm'e loves them. You are Padm'e. Oh, joy. Now, what?

Written by Cole Oeste

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