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Female Desires

As you kiss the officer, you feel your mind change. Instead of consciously rejecting his advances, you become a fully willing participant. You realize that you now have the mind of a woman. Although you fully remember everything that has happened to you, you now feel as though it is perfectly natural to desire a man's cock inside you.

As your desires become more fierce, you start pulling off each other's clothing. The officer begins massaging your breasts and kissing the nape of your neck. You moan with pleasure as you back into your bedroom. You undo the officer's belt and take off his pants, feeling his cock get hard in your hands. You and the officer go down on the bed, and you take off the rest of your clothes.

The officer fingers your pussy, and you are wet almost instantly.

"Please," you say, "Give it to me."

The officer is only too happy to oblige, spreading your thighs apart and inserting himself into you. Sex as a woman is at least twice as intense as it was as a man, and you gasp in ecstasy. His thrusts get more and more intense, and you scratch at his back, calling out for more.

"YES! OH GOD, YES! HARDER! HARDER! OOOOHHHHHHH!" you scream, bucking your hips and squeezing his cock tight with your pussy. Soon, your passionate lovemaking comes to a climax, and your whole body arches as you orgasm.

Soon afterwards, you both fall asleep. You wake up first the next morning, aware that you're in a new body, but unsure whether you want to change back. Eventually, you decide...

Written by pseudonym

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