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Warped Reality

The sign begins to glow with a strange white light,and for some reason, you find yourself once again reaching out to touch it.

Once again, the years slip away. Within seconds, you are a mere four years old. But it doesn't stop there. Reality itself begins to warp and change. Your senses become hazed, and eventually you black out.


When you recover, the first thing you notice is that you are no longer in the forest by the road, but in a large bedroom obviously owned by someone very rich. The next thing you notice is that you are still a four-year old girl, but instead of "wearing" oversized clothing, you are dressed in white silk garments. As your mind comes more into focus, you realize that your memory of your male life has become duller and less important, and that you have new memories to go along with what must be a new reality:

Your name is Clara. You are the adopted daughter of a kind middle-aged bachelor billionare named James Matton, but his reasons for taking you in are unknown. You recognize the room you're in as your own, and realize that James pretty much allows you to do as you wish (which is good, because you still retain your old mind even though your old memories have dulled).

You catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, and see that the reality warp seems to have had only a slight effect on your physical body (aside from the de-aging): Your hair is black and silky and falls halfway down your back, with two shoulder-length locks falling in front to the sides of your face. Your eyes have become a pretty cyan color. Your body is somewhat soft and petite, but its hard to tell at your current age.

You feel oddly comfortable in this body. Warm and happy, it's almost as though you're supposed to be this way.

Written by Claw of Stone

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