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The examination begins

Valerie proceeds with removing your clothing. After commanding you to sit down, she begins undressing you by taking off your high heeled-shoes. She unfastens the garter straps holding up your stockings. She slides each stocking off slowly, and you revel in the feeling of her fingers against your smooth feminine skin as she does so.

After taking the stockings completely off, Valerie stands up and tells you to do the same. You obediently rise to your feet. She removes the key from your back and starts unzipping your French maid dress.

Missy and Danielle, both with eager smiles on their faces, ask if they can help. “No, dollies, thank you,” Valerie replies.

“She’s so pretty,” Danielle coos. She walks over to you and starts stroking your cheeks with her soft right hand.

“Danielle, stop!” Valerie blurts out.

Much to the harlequin ballerina’s surprise, her wind-up doll body jerks up and freezes . . . all except her mouth. “Oh!” Danielle exclaims.

Missy takes a step back fearfully. “We’re sorry, Mistress. We will obey you.”

“Yes, you will, dolly,” Valerie says angrily. “You and Danielle will both go stand over there,” she orders, pointing to a spot on the other side of the room.

Missy and Danielle obediently move to the spot Valerie indicated. They turn around to face Valerie again, wondering if another command is coming. They do not have to wait long.

“Missy, pull up the front of your pretty plaid skirt and hold it there until I tell you to stop,” Valerie orders.

Missy complies, revealing white lacy satin panties underneath. You see a flush of red appear on her cheeks.

Taking out her small remote, Valerie points it toward Missy and hits a button. The key in Missy’s back starts to turn rapidly.

“Oh, my! Everyone can . . . ssseee . . . mmmmmy . . . paaaaantieeeessss . . . .” Missy’s voice trails off as her key finishes winding down. She remains frozen, her right hand still holding her skirt up.

“Now to wind you down, Danielle, then I can get back to what I was doing with Maria,” Valerie says.

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