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Enter the Maid

Before you can decide, you hear loud heels on tile floor. You look up and see a shadowy sihlouette coming from the other room.

"Ello?" says a woman's voice. It's a high, melodic voice with a very obvious french accent. "May I 'elp you?"

A light suddenly flickers to life. The woman before you is tall, blonde, and slender, with long legs encased in smooth black stockings. She walks on three inch heels, and her lovely, shapely legs disappear at mid-thigh into a lacy cloud of petticoats. She wears a black maid's dress, with white lace trimming her pinafore and neckline. Her sleeves are little more than balls of fuffy satin with white lace trim. Based on her figure, you can tell she's wearing some kind of corset, or waist cincher. She has a perfect hourglass shape. You realize after a moment that you are staring, and even in this female body, you feel a tingle of sexual excitement. You shake your head to clear it, but feel dizzy when you do.

"Oh!" exclaims the maid, "You are 'urt! And your clothes, zey are a mess. Come on, pleeze. Vat Happened?"

You try to explain about the accident, while the beautiful woman picks up a silk hankerchief and tries to clean the blood off of your head.

"Zat is terrible," she says, sympathy in her eyes and voice. "You do not look badly 'urt. Vat is your name?"

You freeze, and try to think of a name. You can't give her your real name.

Written by Anon

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