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the cross eye cosmic wizard mother turn him in to a roll of toilit paper you life a bit and the mother smiles and asks you do you need to go to the bath room you reply no well then i guess i will put my son in a porta potty at a construction site then she has a sly smile and you will be the tolit seat. you think damn why me.

you become angery why dose your son and you want with mei did nothing to you why are you doing me this way??

why she ask back at you .because its wrong i have been so many different things why cant you just leave me alone she replys i dfont want too

you become so angery you turn in to the hulk and the wizards mother in shock theh ulf picks her up and folds her in to a paer airplan and throughs it to the moon . the hulk is so mad he has to shit so he dose and use's the cosmic wizard for his tolit paper as you do you gain his powers. cause you use up all the paper cause when the hulk shits damn any way you calm down anda now your the great cross eye cosmic wizard with all the power if the universe in your hands and so now you decide ok whats next

Written by cd morrison

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