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any think i can think of

well here i am the great cosmic wizard with infinate power i have the power of the universe the great cosmic wizard spots a tiny blue planet.

he see's that its earth, ahh earth he seeks out some poor smuck to have some fun with the cosmic wizard finds you and he grins .

what a stupid looking person really goofy looking and a real life loser cool this is going to be such fun the cosmic wizard thinks to himself he then transforms in to a humen and he comes up to you in the local bar the wizard decides its time for you to get luckey but he turns you into a chimp eating a candy bar you see a nice female chimp drinking a bottle of jack daniels toy think to your self how am i a chimp why am i a chimp then as the wizard thinks to himself well i think im going to get luckey with that nice girl chimp and as you start sociel grooming her the wizard farts and bam your a poker chip in an inter galitc poker tourment you are the chip that will break the bank. you are betted by a green 18 tentical being who has been cheating the last few hours anad has not been caughtthen the pit boss who looks like baal catchs him and the chips gp every where you end up behind a slot machine in the far cornor and then

Written by cd morrison

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