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which fema;e cartoon

i sit here looking for the most wildest thing to turn chris in to because he is in nedd of some serious thearpy so i am the great cosmic wizard who slipped on the banna peal and has gotton a new hemarod which is a complete pain in the ass.

so i the great cosmic wizard decide that chris is fate is now in my hands so while im reading the sunday funnys on a thursday in the 15th month of the 55th day of the month of cantalope

i smile just finshing up a beetle baily cartoon and decide to turn you in to miss buxiley with betty boop's head and scoby doo tail while chris sits there with a black and white head and a full color body you decide well it could be worse but oh it onely gets better as the now insane wizard of the cosmos has decided that you need a mate so who should it be so the wizard decides that he needs to take a massive dump to think about the real fate of chris then as the cosmic wizards farts and wipes his cosmic ass he grins ahhh!! then you here a real loud goofy hello beside you and stand next too chirs is peewee hermen yes after peewee and chris get married by a priest doll from matel you anda peewee by a barbie dream house to raise lots and lots of little peewee hermens with the same goofy talk and dumb hair with that damn bike with the horn that never stops honking while chairee decides she looks better in front of the door chris can not take it any more he finely feels his head growing bigger and bigger then your head turnd in too a tomato peewee is hungery and he has a knif and some bread so he cuts your head in to slices it up then the mayo and some bacon and some sharp chedder chirs now the tomato is on a cosmic blt on rye with a cold bottole of samadems beer you wonder im i going to be in the great cosmic wizards stomic and then what chris wonders as the wizards leaves chris unatended sandwich his dog barbie comes up and steals the sandwhich but just in time the wizard throws a book at the dog the dog dropsthe sandwhich and you now end up in the trash can you were a fewminutes ago with the cut up banna peel

Written by cd morrison

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