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An unlikely prison.

As the two of you meet a bubble begins to form from a hole in the ground. Once it's about as big as you it begins to move towards you.

Not know what it is you back away for a second and notice it continues to follow. Risking everything you reach out to the bubble, all the while the guards are tripping over one another trying to get out the door to attack you. As you reach for the bubble, you can feel magic bonds form around you wrist, ankles, neck, waist, thighs, and upper arms. You look at them quickly and see that they're metal, probably iron. You go to pull away from the bubble and notice that you can't. Try as you might, it almost seems like theres a magnetic force pulling on those bonds. Very quickly you're consumed by the bubble and the magnetic force releases you. However you're stuck in the bubble. You punch and kick the inside of the bubble even going as far as poking it with the sword you took with you, it has no effect on the bubble, you just float in the air.

Your mind is in a whirl. You think either the wizard is going to help you escape or maybe he's going to give you up to the guards. Whats going to happen to you?

Written by Top Heavy

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