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Tad and Rob become Tabitha and Marissa

Upon entering the warehouse, Tad and Rob spot two metal folding chairs in the middle of a vast storage room. They obediently sit down on the chairs at your command. As you walk in behind the two entranced men, you see only one overhead light turned on. Darkness envelopes most of the room. You feel goosebumps form on your arms and legs. Someone has been running the air conditioner in here just a bit too cold.

"Hope you had a nice walk over here," a sultry female voice says, startling you. Out of the shadowy corner to your right, a woman wearing a trench coat and a fedora pulled over her face steps forward. You can make out curly dark hair flowing over her shoulders, but cannot see any of her facial features.

"Are you the one who's been controlling me?" you ask.

The woman does not respond. She looks toward Tad and Rob and begins gesturing at them, as if casting some sort of spell. You watch in amazement as the two men begin undergoing a transformation. Rob's skin lightens, and silky dark hair starts to grow on his head. Tad's hair changes from dark brown to a dark red color and grows longer. You watch in amazement as the waists of both men shrink and mounds start to push out on their chests. The arms and legs of the two men lose their masculine muscle tone and become small and dainty. Their hips reform into the proper child-bearing proportions of normal adult females. Rob's face and skin take on the appearance of an attractive young Hispanic woman. Tad's skin color remains the same, but his face also takes on a more feminine appearance.

"The transformation is complete," the woman says in a low tone.

Again losing controls of your reflexes, you walk toward her as she reaches into one of her trenchcoat pockets. She pulls out two golden bracelets identical to the one you put on earlier and hands them to you. Your body moves toward Tad and Rob, who remain in their drug-induced daze in spite of what just happened. Your hands slip the bracelets onto the left wrists of the newly transformed women.

They're still wearing the clothes they had on at the club, you think to yourself. No way is she going to leave them like this . . . is she?

To your surprise, the woman walks outside. You can hear her talking, but hear no other voices. You conclude that she must be having a cell phone conversation.

You suddenly regain your freedom of movement, which you find to be even more surprising. Hoping to take advantage, you look for another way out of the room. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be another door. You start walking toward the door where you came in, but the woman in the trenchcoat re-enters before you can get there. Your body shifts into a rigid position against your will and freezes.

The woman walks behind you, running her left hand over your cute feminine butt. She leans toward your right ear and whispers, "You will fetch our new ladies, Tabitha and Marissa, some appropriate attire for their new line of work."

Written by an anonymous author

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