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Curiosity Makes a New You, I Mean, a New Roo

You say, "I'll accept cash."

Reed nods his muzzle and says, "Ah'll get it out of my safe in my bedroom. Be right back, mate."

As Reed leaves the lab, you start wandering around looking at things, curious on what all the kangaroo makes here. When you look into a storage room, you find a large box of joints. Figuring that Reed won't mind, you light one up and begin to smoke it. The more you smoke, the more dizzy your head becomes and the more awkward you feel. Then, you hear a ripping sound, as your pants and shirt fall to the floor in a heap around your now huge kangaroo feet.

You scream, "What's happened to me?!"

When Reed finds you, you've completely changed into a kangaroo, much like him. He says, "Don't worry, mate, Ah'll fix yas up with a cure right away."

He leads you back into the apothecary lab and gets started on making the cure. "This might take a while, mate, so yas might be a roo for some time. Ah'm real sorry this 'appened, but yas should try to enjoy it."

As a kangaroo now, you wonder if you should wait for the cure, run away, or resolve your now newfound lust by pouncing your new friend...

Written by Warheart

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