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"I should tell you" says Bugs "I'm not really Bugs Bunny, the real Bugs wouldn't have gotten shot like that. Loki gave me a special magic paintbrush that can transform anyone into any cartoon character." he hands out a Neopets style paintbrush to you. "I'm grateful, Mac. Ya saved my life, so I'm giving you this gift. You can transform into any cartoon, even one of your own creation."

You thank him and as he is wheeled into the operating room (you here him say the inevitable "What's up, doc") you think about what you can paint yourself as.

You come up with 6 possible choices:

A character from an animated feature ( such as Baloo, Simba, Scrat, etc.)

A character from a television cartoon (such as Bart Simpson, Scooby Doo, Pikachu)

A character from an animated short subject (such as the original Mickey Mouse, Felix, Tom)

A character from a comic book or comic strip (such as Garfield, Snoopy)

A character from the Internet (such as Duncan Roo, Flinthoof Ponytail, Tombfyre)

Or... dare you think of it?  A character of your own creation?  The possibilities...

Finally, after due consideration, you decide to become...

Written by AndrewAnorak (edited by wanderer)

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