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That's what it was

The cop takes off in a hurry and drives off.

You carefully pick yourself of the ground, walk over to the car and peer inside. What you see is the biggest husky you have ever seen sitting in the pasengers seat looking pleased with itself. You say to yourself, "Where did you come from?" And the dog answers, "Well I was part of the seat untill that cop inpersonator showed up." "??!," you say.

"The badge number is for a 4' 9" female cop on No Name Key in Florda. I would say there was a slight diffrence between the two wouldn't you. Besides you heard the news report this morning the same as I did Master, He has been running around this region for weeks but he is gone when they get here. And the victums that were still alive couldn't ID him because of the flashlight. But I got a great full face shot when I turned the infareds on. E-mailed it and a video of the tussle to the cops, they should have him within the hour." "Great," you say, "Um, where were we going again?"

"Just keep driving on this road it is quite a ways away," it says. "Ok," you say and start driving the way you were going. As you are accelerating you here the dog say, "EXITING INVESTIGATOR MODE," then it looks out the window and says, "cooldirt!! Thump," as it hits its head against the glass looking at common roadside dirt. "That dog definitly has MPD", you think to yourself, "But it won't notice I'm not it's "Master" if it is that dumb when it is not investigating something, though whoever's body this is is definetly loaded. I might get to like this situation."

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