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A new persona...sort of

The sheer force of your mind being forcibly altered causes you to black out.

When you awaken, you are lying in a bed. There is nothing extra girlish about the room; it is virtually identical to the room you had growing up, except the wallpaper, carpet, and bed are pink rather than blue. Your personality also hasn't changed much. However, you do appear to have a new identity. You are Kayla Jelson, a perfectly average 17-year old girl. You feel as if you always have been Kayla (complete with her memories), and you are perfectly comfortable being her - it is as natural and normal as you felt as a male before this whole mess got started (of course, you have no recollection of the mess or of being a male).

You hear your mother calling you to get up or you'll be late, and suddenly you remember that this is the first day of school. You get up and go to the closet. Your tastes haven't changed much, but all the clothes are female ones (of course), so you settle on a single piece light red dress and head downstairs.

Most people seem to be on friendly terms with you at school: Several people greet you in the hall. Things go by pretty quickly and you are back home before you know it.

That night, you have an odd dream: something very bad is happening, and you have to team up with a guy with wild black hair in a black trenchcoat to stop it. In fact, as your life continues, you have the same dream several nights in a row. You pass it off as merely an odd coincidence ("or something"), completely unaware that it is actually your subconcious trying to get through to you about what really happened. After 2 weeks of it, you tell a local psychologist about it, but he just passes it off as you having an overly active imagination. In the end, you decide to just ignore the dream and get on with your life.

Written by Destructo

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