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"Duh, where am I?"

You wake up. "Duh, where am I?" you remember what just happened, and you notice the clohes you're in are torn to rags, and you must find new ones. You turn around to find a house behind you, and you go in. You see a room on the left and decide to enter to see if it has clothes, but once you enter, you see a girl changing, just in panties and a bra, and screams, and you slam the door. A couple of minutes later the girl came out dressed in a long skirt, sandals, and a blouse. Her hair is put up in a simple ponytail. "Bad boy. My mommy punishes boys who have been bad." "No, I swear it was a mistake, I didn't know you were in there." she ignored him, and told her mom. "Bad boy. I will find a very severe punishment for this." she leaves, and comes back a few minutes later with a French maid's outfit. "You wear, bad boy." she said "No way am I wearing that." "You wear, or we lock you out and feed you to jaguars." You don't want to be mauled again, and you don't have much choice, so you go into their bathroom and change.You catch yourself in the mirror and have to admire yourself. "I have to admit I look pretty sexy in this." you say while coming out. "Good. Bad boy is now good girl. Let me braid hair, good girl." "Sure." you say, wondering what it would look like styled, having hair nearly down to the floor, way past your butt. The lady braided your hair in two braids that reached your butt, and was out of your face, plus felt really sexy. "Now, good girl, you maid for us. I have list of chores for you to do."

Written by Chuck Norris, Robot In Disguise

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