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Does it really help you?

"That's not helping me. I had a life, a career, now it's all thrown away because I'm a woman. I liked being a man." "Did you? Let's look at the comparisons. As a man, you had that annoying shaft that was always itching and getting in the way, especially when wearing pants. Now you get a skirt that has no interference and shows off your butt. And don't honestly tell me you wanted body hair as opposed to the feel of tights against newly shaven legs." She made some good points. You examine yourself, and realize being a woman is better. "You know what? You're right. Men's clothes are annoying, itchy, you get so much more freedom with these. And having long hair is a lot better than a crew cut, it's so sexy swooshing against your skin. I never want to be a man again." "Good. Now first we need to get you some clothes."

Written by Aus Geschischnet!

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