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You hear a voice

"Yes, I am in here" you hear a voice say. "And I know your secret." she said, stepping out of the bathroom. It was a little girl in a pink party dress with puffed sleeves, curls, and Mary Janes with socks. "You do?" "Yes. You were turned into a woman by an unknown force, and the clothes you put on shape-shift your body fit that. For example, putting on a French Maid outfit will enhance your breasts, and show off all your sexy features, while a Cheerleader uniform will turn you into a teenage cheerleader with blonde hair and stuff that makes guys want you. And I'd like you to join the Circus Of Weirdos, where we travel, showing off our weird traits, and make money. I am a fully grown man who started out as an adult when born, but went backwards. I'm currently a 5-year old girl who everyone admires with the body of a 25-year old, and I know I will either die soon, or in simply go back as sperm in a body. I'm not sure who will enherit controlling the Circus Of Weirdos, but as of right now, I do, and I think you'd be a good edition. The job would offer a variety of clothes, everything from prom dresses to party dresses, French maids, Cheerleaders, school girls, bikinis, business suits, skimpy outfits, you name it. And they would all be yours to wear whenever you desire." Well you were't going to argue against that. "I'll take it." "Good, good..." the girl says

Written by Elvis Jaggar Abdul-Jabar

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