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Let us see his Lordship!

"Let us see his Lordship!", offers the wizard quickly trying to devert your attantion.

Still feeling that burning feeling in your loins, you say, "Fine but, you had better explain to me what happened to me as we go. I wasn't supposeed to change!"

"Yes yes my lady!", he panics.

"Well!", growing impatience, you say.

"Of course, you see my lady, normally it will only tell us what your place in life is, however, sometime just sometimes it has a transforming effect on people that are destine to be great heros, villians, or even lovers.", he continues, "From the looks of you I would say a great lover is your destiny."

"Does ones body change further afterward?"

"Hmmm good question? Not to my knowledge."

When he finishes, you find yourself in the Main Hall, with his Lordship and a number of guards.

"Seize her!"

"Yes sir your lordship", answer the guards.

You quickly...

Written by Top Heavy

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